“.. First: Greenland is big, strange and beautiful. Second: Life can be deadly. Third: Childhood is certainly not for grownups. Fourth: The experiences of the sexes lead to a den of thrills and tingling delights. Fifth: No man is an island. However, every one of us is always so helplessly alone, in every moment so irremediably vulnerable. ..”
“In such a basic and perhaps banal manner one is tempted to think during and after reading Iben Mondrup’s wondrously beautiful and intensely perilous new novel.”

- Erik Skyum-Nielsen – Information

“ .. If the story is a camera, a sort of optical zoom helps the author descend into the realm of children. A laborious maneuver one would think, but it isn’t at all, because Iben Mondrup’s prose is superbly rhythmical and organic and the many metaphors and comparisons never stand out like clumsy icebergs, but rather they bridge the gap between the children and nature in which they’re irreversibly embedded. ..”
“With ‘Godhavn’ Iben Mondrup consolidates her position as a highly versatile novelist. In spite of all the unfulfilled desire in its pages ‘Godhavn’ amounts to a beautiful and highly fulfilling reading experience.”

- Ask Hansen – Politiken

“ .. A cold wind permeates the pages of Iben Mondrup’s new novel ‘Godhavn’; it tugs and pulls, and one shakes under the words that keep the cold at bay like a tightly wound blanket. All this draught and chill may appear to be an error in the construction of the novel itself but it isn’t on any account. There are cracks and leaks in every seemingly well-planned existence, and in a wonderful way Mondrup manages to bring to life the defective, the flawed and the forlorn in her recreation of the life and times of a Danish family relocated to Greenland about 30 years ago. ..”
“Mondrup’s greatest strengths lie in her keen sense of perspective and in her acute attention to detail. Even the most childishly banal as seen through the eyes of Bjørk, makes sense in the broad perspective when re-experienced through the more mature perceptions of her older brother and her even older sister. At the center of the cold draught of longing, anger and helplessness, the dual flame of Mondrup’s rich prose and psychological insight burns brightly. This makes ‘Godhavn’ a very rewarding novel. “

- Merete Reinholdt – Berlingske Tidende

“ .. With ‘Godhavn’ once again Iben Mondrup demonstrates her great authorial originality. She possesses the ability to be highly sensual, and this in a very different sense than all her contemporary, explicitly exhibitionistic female authors put together. She can be more disgusting and obscene, purer of heart, a truer witness to human nature, because she knows that human beings represent nature, that we are nature, while she avoids the alluring trap of turning nature into something human.
Yes, I’m overwhelmed. ”

- Lisselotte Wiemer - Kristeligt Dagblad

“ .. It would make for an injustice of the highest order if Iben Mondrup’s substantial, scintillating and rather peerless triptych of a novel doesn’t provide her with a breakthrough of glacier-like proportions.”

- Lars Bukdahl - Weekendavisen