Iben Mondrup: Godhavn

A novel

Original title: Godhavn (sep. 2014). Publisher: Gyldendal, Denmark

DR Award for Best Novel 2015

Godhavn is a small town on the Disko Island off Greenland’s west coast. A relocated Danish family with three children live here, three children who each in their own way attempt to find their footing in the small community of trappers. The youngest daughter, Bjørk, starts school and soon loses her close relations to her Greenlandic friends who are to attend a Greenlandic-language form separated from the Danish one she attends. Knut, the sensitive boy, has a best friend who is leaving to go back to Denmark, while their older sister, Hilde, the apple of their father’s eye, threatens the peace of the family when she falls in love with the boy Johannes.

In addition to being a story about life in the Arctic with hungry Sled dogs, accidental discharges with fatal outcomes, and minor and major intrigue, Godhavn deals with a distinctive period of Danish-Greenlandic history during which numerous Danish families travelled to Greenland to live in a new way in surroundings radically different from anything they knew from home. - Circumstances not least the children had to learn to cope with.

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